Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is now used across many walks of life, empowering new information sharing and applications as never before. We can help your business: in small retail stores, waiting rooms, swimming pools, academic institutions, corporations, and much more customers.

Internal Communications

In corporate spaces, digital signage is used to communicate with employees, provide information and updates on corporate events and activities in real-time, product announcements, HR information, company bulletins, factory floor metrics, upcoming meetings, training procedures, and more. This is especially relevant in places where not everyone is always connected, such as manufacturing assembly floors, staff rooms, building lobbies, employee break rooms, outside of conference rooms, and more.


Retail is one of the most natural environments for digital signage and has been used by stores successfully for quite a while. Businesses can efficiently communicate with customers in the store to promote and provide information on products and services and to strengthen brand awareness. With dynamic digital signage, managers can set up and manage their signs easily in the store or from the corporate office to any number of stores. Different messages can be targeted to different locations and easily updated at anytime from anywhere.


Hospitals and clinics are some of the fastest adopters of digital signage. They provide relevant and timely information for patients, staff and visitors. They also provide directions to visitors and patients in the facility and promote hospital services. Digital signage is an efficient and cost-effective way for medical facilities to keep patients, staff and visitors informed at all times.


Digital signage has become popular in universities worldwide. Digital signage in educational facilities is used for updates on coming events, displaying news and other stories, information on campus activities and facilities, emergency notifications, displaying sponsor ads, and in school cafes and restaurants as a digital menu.


Hotels, spas and convention centers use digital signage to communicate information to guests and visitors about special events, activities and promotions and to display externally sponsored ads.

Digital Menu Boards

Our digital menu boards enables advanced dayparting and dynamic digital menu board transitions!


Companies looking for employee candidates

Social Media

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Digital signage can take your business to the next level, and all it takes to get started is a quick conversation with ISIGHT MEDIA.

We are digital signage and OTT channel building solution providers. Our managed solutions team will generate design concepts to match the client’s branding guidelines and other organizational communication requirements. The design concept is replicated across screens to build a cohesive display network that promotes the same brand, vision, and message.



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