There are so many ways to advertise. No easy way to know which are best for you. And so much pressure to get it right.

Become A Host

Become A Host

A Host Partner means participating in a Screen Sharing Program with other non-competitive business locations in your area. 

Become An Advertiser

Become An Advertiser

Promote your business in one, two or several of our Host Partner locations. Be exclusive or semi-exclusive in any Host Partner location.

Branded TV

Branded TV

A closed network system is 100% yours. There are no other outside advertisers that will be played inside your location.

What We Do

We provide digital indoor billboard advertising to local merchants via our network of screens (Indoor billboards), enabling them reach their clients/prospects online and offline (where they work, shop, eat and play). We have locations all over our community, check them out and see what we can do to help you today!


ISight Media's Indoor Billboard Network offers a low cost local branding and advertising service.

Ad Design

We will design captivating Ads that grab attention for all your marketing efforts. Each ad show our screens will be 15-30 secs in length. We place a QR Code on ads to engage customers with mobile.

Brand Strategy

Brand recognition begins with a strategic well designed graphical image. Share your message without saying a word. Have your website, social media profiles, all on one our ads. Need to change our message? No worries comes with your package.

We're convinced that you'll find our Indoor Billboard Advertising to be an exceptional value for your money. Let us help you create an advertising package that specifically targets your market, yet won't break your budget.

Become A Host OR Become An Advertiser

Local Advertising

No matter how tight your advertising budget our Indoor Billboard Network can help you reach the largest strategic audience for your precious ad dollars.

Get Started today

We are here to help you make your business more successful than ever before, so contact us to get the ball rolling!


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