Why Use Digital Signage

When you think about engaging with and marketing to customers in your establishment, what's on your TV?

Relevant Content

Branded TV allows you to program customizable entertainment feeds right on your screen. Tailor your entertainment content to your guests & interests, including local sports teams, news, and special topics. When guests see what matters to them, they're more likely to keep their eyes glued to the screen & plus, they'll know you care about giving them the best experience possible, building loyalty and connection to your brand.


Instead of cluttering your bar or restaurant with ineffective traditional signage or table tents (how often do you see those get pushed aside?), marketing materials displayed on your branded TV can use dynamic animations to become even more eye catching and customizable, increasing recall and keeping your brand top of mind.

Mobile Ready

Encouraging guests to use their phones to your advantage plays on the natural behaviors and habits of customers (even more so than making them download your app), and makes their mobile usage a connection point to your brand that will stay with them long after they leave.

Social Media

With the variety and interactivity of branded TV, it’s easy to create a unique, brand-specific, positive experience that guests won’t forget. They’ll be sure to leave with a smile on their face, might even come back more often or even refer friends as new members.

Information Center

Use your digital signage as digital bulletin board promoting community events, health information, programs, birthdays, employee appreciation, contest or whatever your imagination can envision.


Create a memorable visit by adding a personable greeting. Spotlight employees of the month, monthly goals. Highlight upcoming special events and fundraising activitie

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